Sunday, March 31, 2013

Umweltzonen Nochamol...

Back in 2010, I commented on needing "Umweltzonen" car stickers to get into some German cities.
Back then, I got stickers for €6 each.

Having now acquired a new car, it seemed like time to get a new sticker, so I Googled a bit, struggled a bit with several sites in German, then found some sites with French or English options.

Since 2010, European solidarity seems to have receded somewhat & charges are now higher for cars registered outside Germany.
This site looked promising:
But the stickers work out at €29.90 (handwritten) or €39.90 (printed)!!

Various TuV sites appeared high on the Google results, so I tried this one:
Here, stickers are €5 if you collect, or €15 by post, according to the French-language version.
I couldn't find anything about stickers on the English-language one...

A different TuV site in English, offers stickers by post for €12.50:
so I settled for that one.
The procedure is a  bit odd, in that you have to download a non-saveable PDF order form, print it, fill it in, scan it & send it back as an e-mail attachment together with a scan of the registration document.
What I expected to happen next was an e-mail telling me which category I was entitled to & telling me how to pay.
What actually happened was I got a nice new (printed) sticker through the post... and an invitation to pay, preferably by bank transfer (with BIC & IBAN codes).

I wonder how many French (or UK) establishments send you the goods first & ask you to pay afterwards?

After paying for my new sticker, I re-read my 2010 post & idly clicked on the link:
Surprisingly, Berlin still seems to be offering stickers for €6, at least for German cars!
I didn't get far enough through the ordering process to confirm the price for foreign vehicles, but it might still be the best place to start!

Parting thot: "Taxes grow without rain." - Jewish proverb

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