Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Go Vango!

In 1974, I bought a small Vango Force Ten 2-person ridge tent.

It has seen quite a lot of use since then, has been through several sets of elastics, acquired a few patches on the built-in groundsheet & has faded to a thankfully much less violent shade of orange.

Checking it out before a recent trip, I inadvertantly & stupidly sat on the bundled tent & snapped the little plastic clip which holds the middle of the inner tent up to the ridge pole.
I borrowed a strap from a nearby pair of skates & that worked fine for the trip, but was not as neat or convenient as the original clip.

Out of curiosity, I Googled Vango & was pleasantly surprised to see they were still in business.
And had a 'contact' e-mail…
So, tongue in cheek, I contacted them, told them I was still using their 1974 tent & asked if they might happen have a spare clip lying around somewhere.

Not only did they have one, but they sent me a couple, free of charge, postage included.
That's what I call service!
I'm only too pleased to tell anybody about it.

Parting thot: "Only positive consequences encourage good future performance."

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