Thursday, March 12, 2009

Somebody Needs Certifying

But why did I need to send my sentimentally-valuable, original, hand-written birth certificate & marriage certificate back through the unreliable international post to HM Government in GB before I could get, in this case, a very small bit of pension?
Note that as of today I have neither the certificates nor the small bit of pension.

If I didn't have any birth or marriage certificates, I could order perfectly valid new ones, from same HM Government in GB of all places, just by saying who I am (as far as I can see from their web-site).
And paying £10 each, of course.

So, if I had thought of it in time, I could have kept my originals & just ordered new copies, paid for them, received them & sent them back again..

That means HM Government in GB already have all the information they could possibly want from the original documents they insist on me sending them..

Did I miss something somewhere?

Parting thot: "In a climate of confidence - people apply their intelligence. In a climate of distrust - people apply the rules…"

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