Sunday, July 12, 2009

Too Dark Glasses

Recently I got new sunglasses.

Of course it was not that simple.
As I now need progressive lenses in any glasses & as clip-on sunglasses are inconvenient in too many ways, I had to get sunglasses with progressive lenses.
No problem as, in France, sunglasses come "free" (Ha, ha – that will be the subject of another post) whenever you get new prescription glasses.
I got my glasses & sunglasses in "Grand Optical".
Because the sunglasses were "free", I didn't quibble too much when told I could choose the colour of the tint, but that the darkness was category 3 with no choice.

After several weeks of use, I found, as I had expected, that category 3 was much darker than I want.
OK in continuous strong sunlight but a nuisance if you need to go from sun to shade, when cycling or driving for instance.
I decided to bite the bullet & buy a category 2 pair for variable conditions.
The true price of "free" then becomes about 200€ in most shops, of course.

But when I asked about buying some category 2 glasses or maybe just lenses in Grand Optical, they spontaneously offered to try to "fade" my new category 3 lenses back to category 2.
By some mysterious overnight soak.
And it worked.

So I am a happy customer.
But I wonder why they don't offer an initial option, instead of a presumably more expensive rework.

Parting thot: "In the land of the blind the one eyed man is king." – Erasmus

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