Saturday, July 11, 2009

White Van Removal Tool

Photoshop, and all the free clone photo-management softwares, include a "Red-Eye Removal Tool".

Mainly, I use free Picasa for simple fiddling with my snaps, and their red-eye removal tool works adequately now.
Before the latest updates, it only worked on un-zoomed images and tended to replace red pupils with square black blocks, which I rated less than adequate.

Actually, the camera also has red-eye prevention & red-eye removal tools, but these have more snags than advantages, so I don't use them.
The prevention method is to flash briefly then pause before flashing properly.
This slows things down too much.
The red-eye removal tool presumably works like the one in Picasa, but I prefer to make my own judgments.

Anyway, what I really need now is a similar "White Van Removal Tool".
I find that nearly every cathedral, ancient monument or scenic view has a white van parked in front of it.
It is not beyond the skills of Google/Picasa to devise something which will recognize a white van & replace it with extensions of the surrounding scenery.

I await the announcement with interest…

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