Sunday, January 11, 2015

Je suis Charlie

This frivolous blog deliberately avoids serious issues.
But it's impossible to ignore what has happened in France this week.
The absolute horror of the terrorist attacks.
The suspense of the live coverage of the police actions.
The unexpected & unprecedented public reaction, with over 3 million people calmly in the streets proclaiming liberty & tolerance.
An emotional & heartwarming outcome.
France is proud of itself again!

Of course, everybody expects there will be follow-up terrorist activity.
Many people hope, but don't dare to expect, that there might be some follow-up to the social/political gauntlet effectively thrown down by 3 million marchers.

It will be a pity if, next week, we get back to low-level political bickering.

Incidentally, we need to find some way to stop CNN-style live TV coverage giving vital information to criminals.
Ironic when we are all defending freedom of speech...

Parting thot: "Il ne faut pas les appeler fou - c'est insulter les fous." - Patrick Pelloux (about terrorists)

I "borrowed" the image from Ruben L. Oppenheimer, with thanks & admiration.

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