Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Short Sentence

I particularly dislike books, articles, poems, blogs, posts, or any type of writing, especially guides and manuals for technological equipment such as computers, cameras, scanners and printers, in any language, but, as I mainly see French and English, then usually in French or in English, though I imagine it could be worse in German, if only because of the additional problem, at least for me, of the excessively long compound words, containing sentences which, even if they may not be grammatically incorrect, are so lengthy, convoluted and complicated that you not infrequently need to re-read them several times before you can completely eliminate any, even slight, possibility that you may not have grasped the true meaning or may have, for instance, miscounted the number of mutually-impacting negatives, in which case you might have ended up with exactly the opposite conclusion from that which the author intended to convey.

Which is why I use only short sentences.
And even phrases which are not sentences.
To keep things clean.
And simple.

I know it is "wrong".
But I like it like that.

I deliberately start a new line for each thought.
And a new paragraph quite often.
Just to open things up.
Make it easier to read.

I don't need to obey the "rules" here.
I know my sentences aren't.
I can pretend it's poetic licence, without pretending to be a poet.
So I do.

Parting thot: "When you have nothing to say, say nothing." - Charles Caleb Colton

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