Wednesday, February 18, 2009


This is me in 1946 in Dudley, Black Country, Worcestershire, West Midlands, GB, UK, Europe, planet Earth.
I have changed a bit since then, but have the same colour
hair again, the same refined good taste in clothes, the same impertinence & a similar hammer.
The barrel & the horse got lost somewhere along the way.

Soon afterwards, I studied Mechanical Engineering at Leeds University in Yorkshire & applied it at Ford Motor Co in Essex, BorgWarner in Hertfordshire and General Motors in Strasbourg France.

Thanks to, or in spite of, my talent & training, all the above have since closed down, shrivelled up or been sold to the Chinese…

I was passionately interested in cars from birth until 30-something, but have grown up since.

My interest these days is in road safety & in the 'practicality' side of cars.

I love flying but it is limited now to occasional paragliding in the nearby Vosges Mountains (hills really, but Mountains sounds better).

The pseudo "2CV67" is inspired by the famously idiosyncratic Citroen 2CV car, of which I am currently on my 2nd (or 3rd if you count a Dyane).

The "67" is the Departement number for Bas-Rhin in Alsace, where we have enjoyed living since 1977.
As you might not guess from the name, Bas-Rhin is the upper bit of Alsace (round Strasbourg) & Haut-Rhin is the lower bit (round Colmar). This is because the Rhine manages to flow upwards on most maps, so Bas-Rhin is further down the river but further up the map.

Born British & naturalised French, I consider myself European first, French second, British third & English fourth.

The family includes Mrs 2CV67 & 4 no-longer-kids.

I intend to expand on all that, in a random sort of way, in future posts.
Hope to see you again!

Parting thot: "Whether you think you can or you can't – you're right…" – Henry Ford.

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