Friday, February 20, 2009

Meet the Kids

Well actually, I think they would rather not be introduced too closely, so I will need to be very careful what I say & show about them.
At a stroke, that eliminates most of my subject matter over the last 30 years…
Just as a token of good faith, here are some snaps anyway.

Above are BB & AA in Bischoffsheim, ready for "La rentrée" (going back to school after the very long summer holidays).
In a review of one of the numerous "A Year in France" clones
of Peter Mayle's excellent books, the reviewer said something like: "I knew it was going to be no good as soon as I opened it & saw it started in January. Everybody knows that in France the Year starts in September".
Too true!

AA is currently making Mars bars, but compensates by volunteer work with Secours Populaire, helping underprivelidged children.
BB is a Software Engineer & Rock-Climber.

This is CC struggling with a recalcitrant croissant.
She now has 2 Masters Degrees, so don't write your kids off too soon!

DD after a long walk.
Now a Medical Stud
ent, which is a very long walk indeed…
They let an
ybody in for the first year of medicine (or anything else). Last year in Strasbourg there were still 1300 left to sit the end of year exams but they only accept the first 235 (Numérus Clausus, whatever their ability) into second year. If this is not a tragic waste of time, money & talent, then I don't know what is.

Parting thot: "Success is on the far side of failure." - IBM founder T J Watson

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