Thursday, February 19, 2009

Magnetic Soap Holder

30 years ago, we found a magnetic soap-holder (not a magnetic-soap holder) over what was then the border in Germany (it was an adventure then, with Dmarks, customs posts etc) & have never regretted it.
In fact, I just counted, we now have 7 and I still have not put up the one for the bidet.
They don't breed, you need to buy (or make) them & that has been a problem when they seemed to be unavailable for several years, but now they are back in fashion, or at least in shops, so make the most of it!

Like any common soap dish, they can be stuck on walls or tiles or mirrors using screws or glue or little sticky pads but the advantages are:

  • The soap does not go all gungey but stays dry(ish) & nice to touch.
  • You don't have to look at or clean a messy soap dish.
  • You can keep using the soap down to the last threepenny-bit-sized sliver (memo: future post on threepenny bit).
  • Even without that, the soap lasts longer because it does not dissolve in its own juices.
  • Visitors are surprised & delighted and you have something to talk about at breakfast (if you like talking over breakfast…).
The disadvantages are:
  • None.

If you lose the special high-tech stainless-steel insert for pushing into the soap, you can do just as well, or better, with any crown cap off any beer bottle.
The coincidence is impossible & the original magnetic soap-holder obviously must have used a beer cap.

I saw somewhere that we have to thank the Red Army for the invention, but I can't image how or why.
They probably had beer caps & maybe magnets, but soap?

If that's the only benefit the Red Army has left to posterity, then the investment is going to take a long time to pay back…

Parting thot: "Discovery consists of looking at the same thing as everyone else and thinking something different." - Albert Szent-Gyorgyi.

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