Wednesday, April 22, 2009

My Point of View

I really love scenic views, particularly panoramic mountain views.
I find they have a powerful psychological/therapeutic/morale effect.
Help to put life's little problems into perspective.

Just behind our house is a hill from where, after a 5 minute walk, we have a 360° view including the Black Forest on one side & the Vosges on the other.
On a good day, we can see several identifiable peaks 100 km away.
That's one of the reasons we bought this house.

We do quite a bit of walking in these nearby hills, and when choosing a route, one with lots of viewpoints indicated will be high on the priority list.
We noticed, many years ago, that the marked viewpoints in the Black Forest were beginning to lose their views, due to new trees being allowed to grow just in front.
These days, France is catching up, and an increasing number of viewpoints, even marked on maps, even signposted, even equipped with nice benches by the "Club Vosgien", only let you gaze at close-up trees, just like you could anywhere else.

Of course I like trees & appreciate their invaluable contribution to our well-being.
I have lots & have planted more, and I consider myself reasonably ecological in most ways.
But I would really like to remove or reduce the small number which block otherwise breathtaking views.
Ready to plant some new ones on a one-for-one basis.
OK – two-for-one if you insist.
I think that would leave the world a better place.

Parting thot:"The tree which moves some to tears of joy is in the eyes of others only a green thing that stands in the way." - William Blake

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