Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Obama Kids get Dalmatian

So, finally, the Obama kids are going to get a Dalmatian puppy.

Thousands of Alsatians, including me, breathed a sigh of relief.
Not that we thought we might be roped-in for White House Guard-Dog Duty.
But we weren't looking forward to 4 years of cheap jokes.
Or, hopefully, 8 years.

Some of us, who have been carrying the additional burden of the Bush/Blair Poodle Syndrome, were particularly sensitive.

Actually, as you probably read, they are not getting the regular version, but the little known White-Spotted Portuguese-Water-Dalmatian, of which I have a rare picture as a heading to this post.
These little beauties have been specially bred to be hypo-allergenic, auto-posi-static, iso-thermo-graphic and doppler-anechoic.
This means they don't make you sneeze, they pick up their own fallen hairs and they are indetectable by radar or night-vision goggles.

I have it on good authority that some of these characteristics have been put to good use by the Portuguese Navy who are developing a Canine Defense Force, trained for submarine hunter-killer duties.
In the recent International Ship/Dog Trials, the Portuguese scored convincing wins in their matches against HMS Vanguard and French sub Le Triomphant.
So convincing that the British & French invented a totally implausible collision story to hide their shame and the teeth & claw-marks.

I am sure the Obama kids will have lots of fun with theirs!

Parting thot: "You can fool some of the people all of the time…"

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